Biden admin accused of choosing abortion over space policy

Biden admin accused of choosing abortion over space policy

Biden admin accused of choosing abortion over space policy

It is no secret the Biden administration defends abortion like it’s a sacred religion but critics suspect that distorted belief is ruining U.S. space policy because it benefits red-state Alabama.

Shortly before President Donald Trump left office, he officially announced the U.S. Space Command headquarters would move from a Colorado air force base to the  Redstone Arsenal, located near Huntsville, Alabama. That facility is currently home to NASA’s Space Flight Center as well as other vital resources.

Chaplain Alliance stands with Tuberville and abortion stance

Chad Groening, AFN.net

An organization that endorses and supports military chaplains is standing with U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville and his effort to halt taxpayer money from funding abortions in the Veterans Administration.

Tuberville, a junior senator from Alabama, is angering the Pentagon and the White House, and possibly frustrating his own political party, by refusing to allow 200-plus flag officer nominees to move forward until the Pentagon puts an end to a new controversial abortion policy.

Bishop Derek Jones, executive director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, tells AFN the organization is behind Tuberville’s efforts, too.

“Life begins at conception. There's no one that denies that anymore,” he insists. “And so the VA should not be involved in the promotion of terminating life but should be in the work of promoting life and health."

Jones says Tuberville is not alone – more than 3,000 veterans and active-duty personnel have expressed public support for the Senator’s defiant stance.

In an evaluation of the plan, a Defense Department review called the relocation “reasonable." Two reviews that took place after Biden took office concluded there was no political or questionable decision making involved.  In a politicized reversal of the plan, however, the Biden administration announced in March it was ordering a “review of the review.”

In an NBC News story about the reversal, two unnamed sources said the Biden administration plans to keep the Space Command in blue-state Colorado because Alabama is a pro-life state. That claim was disputed by a White House spokesman.

Stephanie Smith, who leads the Alabama Policy Institute, tells AFN she agrees the reversal is “retribution” by the abortion-supporting Biden administration.

“And it really undercuts their entire system of choosing facilities,” she complains, “when in the end it's just politics.”

Smith, Stephanie (Alabama Policy Institute) Smith

Alabama’s famous junior U.S. senator, Tommy Tuberville, is also angering the Pentagon and the Biden administration. He is holding up hundreds of military promotions in an attempt to stop a Pentagon abortion policy.

According to Smith, the State of Alabama and the City of Huntsville have proven they are committed partners with NASA and its plans, so the planned move of Space Command is a long time coming.

"And this is unfortunate that President Biden has decided to try to pull the rug out from under the state of Alabama, and the people of Alabama, because of partisan politics about abortion," she concludes.