Retired general: America at risk militarily, compliments of 'incapable' Biden admin.

Retired general: America at risk militarily, compliments of 'incapable' Biden admin.

President Joe Biden's Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin

Retired general: America at risk militarily, compliments of 'incapable' Biden admin.

A retired Air Force officer is painting a dismal picture about the ability of a weakening U.S. military to deter "bad actors" that continue to gain strength in their quest to dominate the globe.

Brigadier General Blaine "Blaino" Holt (USAF-Ret.) is a former deputy U.S. military representative to NATO and cofounder of the nonprofit Restore Liberty. In an interview with American Family News, Holt makes it clear who he feels is to blame for the weakened status of America's military.

"In the past few years," Holt says, "there has been a lot of focus on single incidents throughout the world – [in places like] Afghanistan, North Korea, China, and Ukraine. [But] there's a story above all this, and it goes to the center point."

That center point, says Holt, is "American weakness" – the direct result of an "incapable" Biden administration.

"Whether it's incompetence or malevolence," Holt admits, "it's imperiling our nation and the free world. What's unique to [the Biden administration's] national security team is that they don't have one single victory they can hang their hat on."

In fact, he contends "they've done nothing, except for imperiling [the country] further."

Holt, Blaine (USAF-Ret) Holt

With that, Holt points out another "interesting thing" about the Biden team: "Not one of them has been held to account for their failure – no one has resigned, and no one has been fired."

That absence of accountability will "come back and haunt us," he fears.

"It's playing out now as I speak," Holt warns. "When you look at [China's geostrategy], they're mopping up the field with diplomatic win after diplomatic win."

In the meantime, he continues, the United States is weakening itself. Sending billions of dollars' worth of military aid to Ukraine, Holt explains, is harming military readiness.

"We're leaving ourselves and others vulnerable," the retired Air Force officer argues. "Look at the build-up of nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea, and how Israel is now encircled without any friends in the region."

As a result, he adds, the U.S. now has "a complete lack of respect on the world stage" – and at the same time, China is being emboldened.

"They're sailing spy balloons over our country, killing a hundred thousand a year with fentanyl coming across our border, and scolding us anytime we get out of line [with their agenda]," he laments.

According to Holt, America's elected officials need to recognize that "we are running out of time" as China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea clearly aren't changing their goal to overcome the U.S. – economically, militarily, or both. "It's past time to [simply] deter them," he emphasizes.