Biden's America is a weak America

Biden's America is a weak America

Biden's America is a weak America

According to one conservative commentator, the decline of the U.S. military isn't a bug in the liberal agenda; it's a feature.

President Biden announced last week that he is sending 1,500 active military troops to the border, but Gary Bauer of the Campaign for Working Families says fortifying the border is not on their list of tasks. Instead, they will be supporting Border Patrol with things like clerical work and transportation.

Bauer, Gary (American Values) Bauer

"The one thing the soldiers are not going to be doing, will not be allowed to do, is in any way to impede the influx that is going on, which I will call until I am blue in the face or dragged off to jail, it is an invasion," Bauer tells AFN.

He says Biden's open border is part of a broader scheme to fundamentally change the country.

"This influx, if it continues, is literally going to change the future of America forever," he warns.

Meanwhile, as AFN has reported, the Navy has appointed a drag queen to help with recruiting efforts. Bauer wonders how that is supposed to help military readiness in a looming conflict.

"I'm talking about a war on the order of World War II -- that is what I believe we are headed to with Communist China," he says. "This administration every day makes it more likely that we will lose that conflict."

Like with the border, he believes what Biden is doing is premeditated and intentional.

"I can't find many things [the enemy] would do if it secretly took control of our government that the Biden administration is not already doing," Bauer laments.