Former intelligence officers pose questions about Air Force leaker

Former intelligence officers pose questions about Air Force leaker

Former intelligence officers pose questions about Air Force leaker

Questions are piling up about how a national guardsman and alleged weapons stockpiler had access to sensitive U.S. documents, and also about the troubling information in the leaked materials.

On April 13, Jack Teixeira of the Massachusetts Air National Guard was arrested at his home (pictured above) for his alleged involvement in the leak of secret documents of the U.S. military.

Recent reports claim he was stockpiling weapons and may have been fascinated with mass shootings.

American Family News spoke to national security analyst Lt. Col. (ret.) Bob Maginnis. He contends the circumstances surrounding accused document leaker Teixeira, and all that remain unknown about him, are merely an extension of these kinds of government failures.

Maginnis, Robert (FRC) Maginnis

Apart from the potential stockpiling of weapons ahead of his arrest, Maginnis points out, “Incidents like [the one involving Teixeira], or the [Edward] Snowden or the [Bradley/Chelsea] Manning issues of the past, indicate we have holes in our dike.”

With the current White House administration, Maginnis says the circumstances surrounding Teixeira require looking at a broader picture. The Biden administration is “typically very progressive and very secretive” when it comes to important matters of the day, including the border, the economy, and more, according to the retired U.S. Army officer. 

The administration also makes no qualms about “using the power of government” to invade former president’s Donald Trump’s home to purportedly find evidence of classified material inside, Maginnis shares. And these examples show that “[the Biden administration] has abandoned what should have been their first loyalty, and that it is to do what’s in the best interest of the United States.”

With this in mind, he says it still begs the question: “How did a 21-year-old Massachusetts low-ranking Airman, an E-3, of the Air National Guardsman, have access to sensitive classified documents and release them to the world?”

'Bigger issue' is leaked info

For Maginnis, he knows the young Airman will get justice through the courts and the law, but Maginnis leans on his own work in U.S. Army intelligence to consider the "bigger issue" at stake. That issue, he tells AFN, is the material that was released "suggests we aren't getting the truth about key issues on national security.”

To that end, he argues, “there’s been too much focus on the leaker and the crime and not on the substance of the leaked material.”

For example, the documents revealed that the war in Ukraine is going much worse than the Biden administration admits and the president also has been lying about our role in the war.

“Without keeping the truth on these key issues on the front burner for American and allies," Maginnis reasons, "the result can be incredibly dangerous.”

The Biden administration has already lost the trust of many Americans, according to Maginnis. “You can’t trust them," he argues, "with our schools, our money, about COVID, with the Chinese [Communist Party], or with Ukraine.”

To put it another way, the national security analyst says America is being led by a commander in chief who can't deliver a speech even with help from a teleprompter. Even worse, powerful figures in Biden's administration are among the most left-wing radicals in U.S. politics if not in the world. 

Then there is the issue of how the U.S. is perceived overseas. 

“[Foreign allies] think we’ve lost our mooring and we’re bankrupt," Maginnis warns, "and they’re losing trust faster than ever.”

In a recent Fox News opinion piece, Maginnis posed a series of questions that remain unanswered:

“What’s the truth? Is America more directly involved in the Ukraine war than previously reported? Are American troops fighting Russians? Is the Biden administration purposely draining our weapons arsenals to favor the Chinese? Can Ukraine really win the war against giant Russia?”

Without demanding accountability and truth from the Biden administration, Maginnis suggests that “the lies we’re discovering could cause a number of foreign issues to escalate into something much worse.”

More to the Story

In recent comments to AFN, former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer Jordi Carrollton (a pseudonym) said the U.S. armed forces is suffering terribly from wokeism, from a lack of pride, and from a lack of trust in leadership. 

According to her, “The illegal exposure of classified information shows us something about the state of the military today.”

Carrollton spoke under a condition of anonymity, fearing reprisals against her family members serving in the military today.

“As a former United States Air Force intelligence officer, I am not only concerned about the illegal leak of intelligence and the illegal activity of our military in Ukraine," Carrollton told AFN, "but I am also concerned about what this reveals about the state of our country and the state of our armed forces."

If the allegation against Teixeira is proven true, Carrollton admits she is “interested in what the environment in his unit must have been like for him to want to share this information with outside friends.”

Like Maginnis, she questions why Teixeira would have access to what he shared. According to her, “Anyone who has worked in the intelligence community knows that the type of information released is unlikely to have been given to a young Airman in a National Guard unit.”

For this reason, Carrollton says Congress should investigate and confirm if he did have access, if he did print the materials as alleged, and who granted him access to the information. 

According to her, this would be a telling sign. It would let the American people know if he acted alone, or had the assistance of someone in his chain of command who abdicated his or her oath to the military.