'Immoral military' advised to dump woke training, focus on pride & trust

'Immoral military' advised to dump woke training, focus on pride & trust

'Immoral military' advised to dump woke training, focus on pride & trust

Dwindling patriotism, woke culture, failed leadership, leaked documents – all are factors hurting the U.S. military, says a former intel officer for the Air Force.

In light of events surrounding the leak of secret military documents by Jack Teixeira of the Massachusetts Air National Guard, former Air Force intelligence officer Jordi Carrollton (a pseudonym) tells AFN the unlawful release of classified information is nothing more than "a symptom of the disease that is the immoral military today." (Editor's note: Carrollton, fearing reprisal against family members still serving in the military, spoke under a condition of anonymity.)

"Due to the lack of leadership and accountability within the Department of Defense (DOD), and as a result of the majority of the officer and senior enlisted corps abdicating their oaths, there is little trust in the chain of command," she begins. "As a result, there is a lack of pride and patriotism in today's military."

For Carrollton, this has become more evident at military installations where one would see "very little pride in the uniform, dress, appearance, customs, and courtesies." Lower standards are the culprit of the problem, she said.

"In the same way that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is now a training requirement, as well as the vaccine propaganda that was forced upon members of the military," Carrollton admits, "I would not be surprised if pro-Ukraine propaganda is being spread throughout the corps.

"Our military is more focused on propaganda and narratives than about instilling a sense of pride in our own country and in our Constitution. For too long, the DOD has gotten away with acting like they are a fourth and unelected branch of government."

Until Congress acts to "hold the weak leadership accountable," Carrollton warns the state of the military will continue to decline.

"When you have members of the officer corps participating in sexually deviant acts in uniform, promoting the LGBTQ+ agenda, infringing on the constitutional rights and religious freedoms of their members, and an Inspector General office that results in no accountability," she explains, "the result is a weak military with a lack of trust in the chain of command."

Rebuild and uphold

Still, Carrollton remains hopeful, arguing there are ways to rebuild the military into one that "upholds the oath, has pride in our country, and focuses on the mission." But for that to happen, she advises, "Congress needs to have the courage to stop promoting officers without a thorough review – and they need to stop funding a woke military."

Her advice? "The next administration needs to create a task force comprised of the military members who have been purged from the ranks in the last few years." And members of that task force, Carrollton adds, should include Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, Lt. Col. Bradley Miller, Captain Emily Rainey, and other military members "who were forced out and persecuted for not taking an experimental vaccine."

In addition, she says, members of the military who want to serve in that capacity need to have an understanding of the U.S. Constitution.

"Instead of extremism stand-down days and DEI training, Congress should require Constitution 101 training for all members of the Armed Forces," Carrollton emphasizes.