Vax mandate is hurting heroes, says Fla. rep.

Vax mandate is hurting heroes, says Fla. rep.

Vax mandate is hurting heroes, says Fla. rep.

Pointing out that it doesn't follow science and that it's forcing good people out of the military during a recruiting crisis, a Republican congressman is urging the Pentagon to end the mandatory vaccine policy.

U.S. Coast Guard Technician Second Class Zach Loesch is being hailed as a hero by none other than President Joe Biden for being among the Coast Guard swimmers who recently rescued trapped residents from Hurricane Ian's devastation in southwest Florida.

But despite his heroics and a call from the president, Loesch remains among the 2,600 Coast Guard members facing expulsion from the service because, based on religious convictions, he refuses to take the mandated COVID-19 jab.

During a recent appearance on Fox News, Michael Waltz (R-FL), the first Green Beret to serve in Congress, made it clear that the COVID vaccines and boosters do not work.

Waltz, Mike (R-FL) Waltz

"The Pentagon is sticking to this stubborn, asinine policy that is not following the data and the science," Waltz lamented. "The CDC has changed the guidelines. It is clear the vaccine doesn't stop the spread."

Meanwhile, the nation's armed forces are dealing with a major recruiting crisis.

"We're falling short, particularly in the Army, by thousands and thousands of men and women that they can't bring in to replace these people they're on the verge of kicking out," the congressman noted. "They have got to stop this mandate. It doesn't make any sense, and it's hurting people."

Waltz went on to promise that if Republicans gain control of the House next month, they will legislate the Pentagon to drop the vaccine mandates.