Boykin: Military being attacked from inside to weaken nation

Boykin: Military being attacked from inside to weaken nation

Boykin: Military being attacked from inside to weaken nation

Russian troops have amassed tanks and artillery on Ukraine’s border, and China is threatening to annihilate any nation that aids Taiwan with its undefeatable missile technology, and a retired U.S. Army general says the greatest military in the history of the world is withering before our eyes from Marxist ideology and traitorous leadership.

As you read this, an estimated 100,000 Russian troops have amassed near the border with Ukraine, a buildup of armor and artillery that began in the spring, and now NATO is publicly expressing alarm because a repeat of the 2014 invasion could be happening soon.

Over the weekend, a spokesman for China’s communist party threatened Australia if that nation’s military defends Taiwan in a future conflict. China threatened Australia with “Armageddon” after Australia’s defense minister told a newspaper Australia would join the United States in a military fight against China and on behalf of Taiwan.

Australia, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. announced a partnership in September in which Australia will acquire nuclear submarines, which is seen as a deterrent against China and its domination of the sea lanes in Southeast Asia.

Boykin: Marxists vs. U.S. military

Saber rattling and war drums are nothing new around the globe, where nations and powerful leaders have spilled blood for power and property, but a retired U.S. Army general says the light of American dominance, bolstered by our military might, is growing dimmer by the day.

In an AFR interview, Lt. General (retired) Jerry Boykin warned that America’s military readiness is being weakened from its purpose to fight and win wars. That weakening is not by accident because America is being weakened from within, he said, by Marxists who want a “fiefdom” in which they control power in a centralized government.

Boykin, Jerry (FRC) Boykin

What is standing in their way, the retired army general told show host E.W. Jackson, is a patriotic, flag-waving U.S. armed forces that reflects traditional western values. That makes the U.S. armed forces an enemy of their progress.

“Our military has to change,” Boykin said, “if you change America.”

Boykin, now 73 and a vice president at the Family Research Council, famously led the secretive Delta Force in 1993 when Army Rangers and Delta Force operators fought in the Battle of Mogadishu. He was interviewed last week on Jackson’s midday program for Veteran’s Day, where the retired general singled out Critical Race Theory-based ideology that is harming unit cohesion. Separating soldiers in a classroom into “oppressors” and the “oppressed" is weakening people who depend on each other, he said.

“What we need to understand is if you’re not building cohesion, you’re building division,” Boykin told Jackson, who is himself a U.S. Marine veteran. “You will not win on the battlefield if you have that kind of division.”

At the same time our nation is being weakened, Boykin said, China unveiled new missile technology that caught the U.S. by surprise.

“I don’t think we’re overplaying or overstating the threat,” Boykin told the radio audience, “that China poses right now against this nation.”

The warning about China from the seasoned military veteran, who retired after 36 years, comes after the U.S. conducted wargames last year against China and lost --- badly --- in a future conflict over Taiwan.