Milk only a hero to 'woke' Navy, says radio host

Milk only a hero to 'woke' Navy, says radio host

Milk only a hero to 'woke' Navy, says radio host

A minister and radio talk show host calls it disgusting for the U.S. Navy to choose Harvey Milk, the former San Francisco politician, as the name for a new ship only because he was homosexual.

Recently, the Navy christened a replenishment oiler named for the radical homosexual activist who was killed in 1978.

Jackson, E.W. (STAND) Jackson

The decision dates back to 2016 during the Obama administration, which announced it would honor the late 

"Harvey Milk? I mean, really. It's just disgusting, Bishop E.W. Jackson told his AFR audience this week. “Words don't even begin to discuss it.”

Jackson, himself a Marine Corps veteran, commented on Milk during a Veterans Day program in which he praised fellow veterans for their military service.

The former Marine also criticized America’s current “woke military” that is concentrating on virtue signaling rather than planning for war.

The decision dates back to 2016, during President Barack Obama's second term, when the military branches welcomed open homosexuals and were forced to allow women into front-line combat roles. At the same time, the Navy grounded two-thirds of its attack aircraft due to repair delays and a lack of spare parts. 

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