GOP visits Texas: 'No operational control' of border

GOP visits Texas: 'No operational control' of border

GOP visits Texas: 'No operational control' of border

Republicans witnessed illegal immigrants pouring out of Mexico into Texas firsthand, and Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.) alerted Americans that there is “no operational control” of the border under the open-borders Biden administration, which is putting illegals on flights across the country to a city near you … on the taxpayers’ dime.

"We have no operational control, no legal control, no law enforcement control of our border," Good told Fox News in an interview Thursday. "We are not enforcing our laws – we are not preventing people. This is willful and intentional on the part of this administration to facilitate the illegal entry into our country of tens of thousands – 180,000 in [the] month of May…some 700,000 this year, of the ones we’ve apprehended."

GOP shares what’s happening at border since Dems won’t

Before former President Donald Trump’s recent visit to the border, Republicans mobilized law enforcement from across the country to Texas and Arizona to bring relief to the border crisis, and once there, he blasted Biden for creating an “open, really dangerous” border.

Gov. Kristi Noem (R-S.D.) also recognized the dire border situation and sent 50 National Guard troops to Texas to help.

This assessment was shared by Good and 19 other lawmakers from the Republican Study Committee, who visited McAllen, Texas, last week alongside Trump and Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas).

The scene that the Republicans saw around midnight was worse than expected – far different from Vice President Kamala Harris’ assessment of the border “challenge” that she gave hundreds of miles from the epicenter during her first visit border visit since being appointed as border czar several months ago.

What they witnessed was a stream of illegal migrants flowing into Texas before voluntarily turning themselves in to Border Patrol – with many seeking them out … knowing they would soon receive free accommodations and travel. compliments of the Biden administration.

"We saw hundreds coming through in just a short time; we were there about midnight and just saw many, many folks coming across the border, many illegals streaming across," Good recounted. "The crafty, the most cunning, most dangerous ones are trying to evade apprehension, and they’re estimating tens of thousands of those on a monthly basis as well, and all of it controlled … by the Mexican crime cartels who are making hundreds of millions of dollars a month off of this."

Besides a flood of families surging past the overwhelmed Border Patrol, members from the notorious MS-13 gangs have been apprehended breaking into the U.S., along with numerous sex offenders and drug traffickers.

This was touched on by Trump during his visit to the border last week, when he contended that Democrats “have a screw loose” or are incompetent for inviting crime by opening the border.

“[The problem with open borders is that other countries are] opening their jails; they 're opening up their prisons [to let them head to the United States],” Trump told law enforcement in Weslaco, Texas, according to Newsmax. "They do it very slowly because they don't want people to know this, but I know it, and they're letting all of their murderers, rapists, drug dealers, the human traffickers out, and they're coming into the United States of America at a level like we've never seen. They weren't coming in with us."

See you later … or not …

After his flight from the border city of McAllen to Dallas, Good reported a large number of illegal immigrants holding manila folders – most likely containing DHS “Notice to Appear” documents with the court date marked “to be determined.”

"I would estimate a third of people on that flight were illegal aliens who had their manila folders with some information marked on there to help them navigate the transportation through the airport and onto the plane," the lawmaker said.

On the flight was a 31-year-old Guatemalan woman who could only speak Spanish when communicating with Good’s team. She was traveling to Dallas and then on to Miami, Florida, and was carrying “Notice to Appear” papers marked with a court date stamped, “to be determined.”

"So here she is in McAllen taking the same flight we are to Dallas and, I presume from there from Dallas to Miami with no specific day on when she has to appear,” Good informed. “And I guess we’re just hoping we'll be able to reach her at some date in the future and tell her when to appear.”

With Biden’s DOJ not holding non-detained immigration hearings until July, some 60,000 illegal migrants have been freed to move about the country with just a notice to appear in court – or at the nearest ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) office – on their own recognizance.

This hands-off approach of inviting and permitting illegal immigration is being targeted by Republicans, who have blasted the Biden administration for inciting the border crisis, which started with ending the Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), minimizing interior enforcement and stopping border wall construction – just to name a few.

The former president recently called out Democrats’ refusal to take ownership.

"So now they're saying, 'Oh, we got a problem, so let's blame the sheriffs, let's blame the governors – let's blame everybody else' but them," Trump told law enforcement in Weslaco, Texas, last week, according to Newsmax.

The blame game even extended to Trump and the weather.

“The Biden administration has pushed back, saying that it is focusing on the ‘root causes’ of the crisis, like poverty, climate change and violence in Central America,” Fox News reported.

Harris lauded how the administration has increased its ability to bring in and accommodate more illegals.

"They have instituted technology that over the last couple of months has expedited – in a very significant way – processing of people who are arriving at our border," the VP said during her extremely brief visit to El Paso, Texas, over a week ago.  

Her claim that the border is no longer open is considered little more than semantics.

"The memo has not been received by these illegal aliens who continue to stream across because there is no prevention there at the border [that] we can see," Good asserted. "It’s just accommodating them once they get across."

Dems turning their back on the border

Despite importing a humanitarian crisis, a flood of criminals, human trafficking, drug cartels and a major strain on the economy to accommodate illegals crossing the border, the Biden administration’s previous pitch to defund the police has extended to defund the Border Patrol, ICE and the border wall.

“Democrats want to spend $870 million on 'border security' in the Middle East, but nothing on the US-Mexico border wall,” TheBlaze reported. “In a Department of Homeland Security budget plan also released Tuesday, House Democratic lawmakers called for stripping more than $2 billion in border wall construction money that had already been appropriated – reducing federal border wall funding to zero.”