Citizenship remains the concern

Citizenship remains the concern

Citizenship remains the concern

An evangelist is planning more trips to the southern border to reach the young people who have illegally entered the U.S. for the only purpose that ultimately matters.

Dr. Tim Todd of Revival Fires International and the Truth for Youth Bible project has been visiting detention centers along Texas' border with Mexico that contain young people who crossed the border unaccompanied by parents. Specifically, Todd is addressing their spiritual needs.

Todd, Tim (evangelist) Todd

"Certainly it's not good for America for people to be coming across the border illegally, but when these young people stand before God, the Lord is not going to ask them if they have a green card," he asserts. "The Lord is not going to ask them if they're a citizen of the United States. All that will matter is that they are a citizen of Heaven."

So with the desire to help them be spiritually prepared, Revival Fires' approach has been successful in nearly every case.

"We gave away more than 5,000 Bibles in five different facilities, and we have had over 4,800 of those young people give their life to the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior for the first time," Todd rejoices.

The knowledge of the increasing need to share the truth has encouraged him to plan even more trips to the area, and he is currently raising funds to print another 50,000 Spanish Bibles at a cost of $2 each.