A perfect time to be a blessing

A perfect time to be a blessing

A perfect time to be a blessing

A disaster relief ministry is returning to Louisiana to help people affected by Hurricane Ida.

Steve Tybor of Eight Days of Hope recently told American Family Radio's "Today's Issues" program that Hurricane Ida was one of the strongest storms to ever hit America.

Tybor, Steve (Eight Days of Hope) Tybor

"It hit Louisiana on August 29th, and today there are still tens of thousands of families that are not in their homes," he said.

In one parish alone, there are 14,000 families that either need roofs repaired, drywall fixed, painting, carpentry work, new cabinets, and/or new flooring.

"This is where we come in, the body of Christ," said Tybor. "April 9th through April 16th, we're going to be leading thousands of volunteers to the town called LaPlace, Louisiana … and we're going to help 150 families rebuild their homes -- for free -- in eight days."

Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, is April 17th, and Tybor says it is the perfect time to be a blessing.

"We provide the food and lodging, and all the details for Eight Days of Hope XVII is on our website," said Tybor. "Think 'Extreme Home Makeover' times 150, but doing it to share the Gospel."

People with no skills are as welcome people with all skills.

"We have people laying out shingles for the professional roofers so they can use their nail guns and move quicker, we have people that will carry drywall and will help hang drywall, [and] we have a lot of painting," explained Tybor. "If you can make sandwiches, if you can fold t-shirts, clean facilities, if you know how to cut a lawn, hedge bushes, we need you."

Volunteers do not have to stay for all eight days.