Convoy of Hope providing just that

Convoy of Hope providing just that

People cross the Ukrainian border to Siret, Romania, Wednesday, March 2, 2022, as they evacuate Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)

Convoy of Hope providing just that

Relief organizations continue to help Ukrainian refugees.

While many men stayed behind to fight the Russian military invaders, women, children and the elderly fled to neighboring countries hoping to escape the violence and destruction. Now, U.S.-based Convoy of Hope is one of the organizations that is working to meet their needs. Spokesman Ethan Forhetz asserts the refugees would suffer terribly without relief.

Forhetz, Ethan (Convoy of Hope) Forhetz

"They need food, they need water, they need hygiene kits, feminine hygiene kits, baby kits," Forhetz lists. "A lot of these families are traveling with young children; they need diapers. They need all sorts of baby supplies [and] medical supplies. They need things that are going to help them get through today [and] get to tomorrow."

He explains that Convoy of Hope has been working in Europe since 2014 and has supplies warehoused in several countries.

"We're in Poland, we're in Moldova, we're in Bulgaria, Bosnia, Spain, [and] Slovakia," the spokesman shares. "Those are all places that we've been working for years and have partners, so we have supply in the area that we're able to use to help the refugees. Our team now is focusing on getting new supply."

Convoy of Hope is currently raising money to purchase supplies in those countries and ship them to where they are needed most.