Conservatives saw this coming

Conservatives saw this coming

Conservatives saw this coming

Critics say the U.S. surgeon general's claim that gun violence is a national health crisis has nothing to do with public health.


For the first time in the history of the Office of the Surgeon General, an advisory on firearm violence has been issued.

According to attorney and radio host Jenna Ellis, "This is just a policy difference," and anyone "who was remotely awake" in the wake of the COVID-19 emergency power orders saw this coming.

Ellis, Jenna Ellis

"What conservatives predicted was that the same type of 'public health crisis' – quote, unquote – that the pandemic basically test ran for all of these things were going to crop up from the leftists for climate change, gun violence – all of their propaganda to force their policy under the guise of a public health emergency, and that's exactly what we saw yesterday coming out of the surgeon general," Ellis responded on American Family Radio.

In his new video, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy declares that firearms have been a problem for years.

"Unfortunately, the problem has continued to grow," he states. "54% of adults in America report that they or a family member have experienced a firearm-related incident, whether they have been personally threatened with or injured by a firearm, lost a family member, witnessed a shooting, or shot a firearm in self-defense."

Murthy goes on to say that many of these harms are disproportionately felt by certain communities.

"Black individuals endure the highest rates of firearm homicides, while suicide rates are highest among veterans, older white individuals, and younger American Indian and Alaska native people," he submits. "What is especially devastating is how this has affected our children."

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has joined Ellis in denouncing these comments.

"This is an extension of the Biden administration's war on law-abiding gun owners," NRA President Randy Kozuch states on X.

His organization suggests a great way to reduce violent crime would be to prosecute and punish criminals instead of letting them loose on the streets.