Heyer puzzled by Hobbs' veto on 'detransition' but her record is big clue

Heyer puzzled by Hobbs' veto on 'detransition' but her record is big clue

Heyer puzzled by Hobbs' veto on 'detransition' but her record is big clue

After Arizona’s governor vetoed a bill that requires health insurance companies to cover de-transitions, a former transgender asks if Katie Hobbs even knows what the legislation states, but her record suggests she knows exactly what she’s doing.

Defending her veto, Hobbs said the bill creates a “privacy risk” for patients but well-known detransitioner Walt Heyer points out the bill protects privacy.

"She said it was unnecessary, that it risked exposing the people's names, but the bill says their names cannot be disclosed, not even their driver license or anything else about them," Heyer told the "Washington Watch" radio program. "So I am really puzzled."

One clue to Gov. Hobbs’ decision is her record of revering transgender ideology, even if it harms females. Hobbs vetoed a Senate bill in April that would have banned transgender females – men – from showering with female athletes in public school settings.

“As I have said time and time again, I will not sign legislation that attacks Arizonans,” Hobbs said of the legislation, Senate Bill 1182, which would have protected females from attacks by males.  

Another clue to Hobbs’ priorities is an executive order she signed in June 2023, one year ago, that added “gender-affirming care” to Arizona’s health insurance plan.

Transgender ideologues use the phrase “gender-affirming care” when referring to body-altering hormone treatments and body-chopping surgeries.  

Heyer, 84, lived for eight years as a woman before detransitioning back to male. He has emerged as a vocal critic of the transgender movement for downplaying psychological issues and sexual abuse, which Heyer was subjected to as a child.

He oversees the website SexChangeRegret.com.