Senators urged to keep identity politics out of the NIH

Senators urged to keep identity politics out of the NIH

Senators urged to keep identity politics out of the NIH

Though they celebrate the retirement of Dr. Anthony Fauci, conservatives aren't happy with who President Biden has chosen to succeed him.

Ahead of Dr. Monica Bertagnolli's Senate confirmation to direct the National Institutes of Health (NIH), conservative organizations are already lobbying to get her tossed.

"Whether it be on gender ideology, and certainly on the diversity, equity, inclusion stuff," Jon Schweppe of the American Principles Project (APP) says she has a bad case of the wokes.

"In her perch over at the National Cancer Institute, she pushed all of those things, wanted to make sure that cancer treatments were going to people on the basis of their race," he reports.

For the senators who are too busy to research the nominee themselves, Schweppe says one obvious fact should tell them all they need to know.

Schweppe, Jon (APP) Schweppe

"It's bad enough that she's Fauci's chosen successor," he states. "That should tell you a lot about how she views public health."

So, the American Principles Project has written a letter urging senators to oppose President Biden's choice.

"Equity, for Dr. Bertagnolli, means injecting left-wing identity politics, including racial biases and promotion of grotesque sex change procedures, into the medical profession," it states.

Several conservative groups have already signed onto it.

If she is ultimately the new head of the NIH, Schweppe believes Dr. Bertagnolli would also continue a troubling connection.

"This is somebody who, throughout her entire career, has been bankrolled by the pharmaceutical industry," Schweppe notes. "On things like vaccines … there's a huge conflict of interest there."

In August, Bertagnolli gained Senator Elizabeth Warren's (D-MA) trust by pledging to not seek employment or compensation from any of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies for four years after she leaves government. But as far as the APP is concerned, the conflict of interest remains.

"What we wanted to do with this letter was kind of empty the chamber and really show all of the radical things Bertagnolli has done and why she would be a terrible pick for director of NIH," Schweppe tells AFN.

Meanwhile, left-leaning organizations like the pro-abortion Susan G. Komen Foundation have written similar letters in support of Bertagnolli's nomination.