PP's problematic fallback plan

PP's problematic fallback plan

PP's problematic fallback plan

Thanks to the growth of a new revenue stream, the leader in the abortion cartel continues to haul in money.

Planned Parenthood provides some health services to women, but their biggest money maker has always been abortion.

So in the wake of last year's Supreme Court decision in the Dobbs case – where the states were given authority to pass their own laws for or against abortion, thus reducing Planned Parenthood's income –  Melanie Israel of The Heritage Foundation says the abortion giant expanded its gender manipulation services, including to minors.

Israel, Melanie (Heritage) Israel

"What started out as something that they were only doing at about two dozen clinics has very, very quickly become something that almost all of their clinics are doing in less than 10 years," Israel relays. "It's been a very, very rapid expansion, and we can expect to see it expanding more."

Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio, for example, had a 544% increase in their services.

"At a different Planned Parenthood in the Portland area, they nearly quadrupled their so-called gender-affirming care visits in just a single one-year period," Israel continues.

As Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) has introduced a bill to stop facilities that provide such services from receiving federal funds, Heritage suggests that the federal dollars Planned Parenthood receives should instead be given to healthcare organizations that provide healthcare.