Pro-shot narrative still prevails

Pro-shot narrative still prevails

Pro-shot narrative still prevails

A Christian attorney says military doctors are being censored for revealing evidence that the COVID shots are more dangerous than the virus itself.

On July 5, 2023, a renowned medical journal published a study titled "A Systematic Review of Autopsy Findings in Deaths After COVID-19 Vaccination" on its "pre-print" site while the study began the months-long peer review process.

However, less than 24 hours later, The Lancet removed it, saying the study fell short of the journal's "screening criteria" and that the study's methods did not merit its conclusions.

Dr. Peter McCullough published the study after conducting research with eight other physicians and medical researchers and finding unmistakable evidence that the COVID-19 shots were responsible for many deaths.

They collectively reviewed 678 studies investigating possible causal links between COVID-19 shots and death and identified 325 autopsies meriting further investigation. Each autopsy was "independently reviewed" by three physicians to determine the cause of death, and the investigation revealed, among other things, that out of those 325 autopsies from various global locations, the COVID shots directly caused or significantly contributed to up to 74% of those deaths.

Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, has his suspicions about what the journal's "screening criteria" is.

Staver, Mat (Liberty Counsel) Staver

"I think they took it down because of the pressure that they have with the pro-COVID-19 shot narrative that they've been pushing," he submits. "It goes against their narrative."

Staver points out that anyone who follows Dr. Peter McCullough's work knows his depth of research and that he does a "very thorough" job.

"This is a very serious study that really shines the spotlight on the problem that we've been saying for a long time, and that is these COVID shots have never been safe," the attorney asserts.

He goes on to note the long-term consequences related to the shot.

"You see people still suddenly dying for no apparent reason, otherwise healthy people, and then you're seeing an uptick in cancers," Staver lists. "I think you're seeing a global genocide of significant portions that is directly related to these COVID shots."