Against trans push, education isn't enough on its own

Against trans push, education isn't enough on its own

Against trans push, education isn't enough on its own

A child advocate says thanks to the Biden administration, the United States is gaining a dubious distinction among Western nations.

Breitbart recently relayed that the United States has become a Western "outlier" in transgender "care" for children. The White House has attacked Republican efforts to restrict drugs and surgery for "trans kids," while California and New York have both become "sanctuary states" for children traveling to seek such treatments.

Cretella, Dr. Michelle Cretella

Pediatrician Michelle Cretella of Advocates Protecting Children says President Biden's advocacy of transgenderism, even and especially for small children, is partly to blame for America's zeal for a dangerous agenda from which other countries are backing away.

"When people, both professionals and parents, pushed back in these other nations, they took a hard look at what the science actually says," Dr. Cretella notes. "The science agrees with common sense."

She does not think exposing the problem is enough to curtail the movement; survivors and detransitioners need to file lawsuits against the healthcare systems and workers who contributed to their "gender-affirming care."

"Lawsuits will bring the truth to light, and lawsuits have financial peace to them," Dr. Cretella submits. "So, it's going to be that combination that will have a greater success, versus education."

She encourages anyone wanting to learn about transitioning to go to the Advocates Protecting Children and the American College of Pediatricians websites for accurate information on the subject.