Perversion of breastfeeding another example of woke self-gratification

Perversion of breastfeeding another example of woke self-gratification

Perversion of breastfeeding another example of woke self-gratification

Guidance from the Centers for Disease Control for biological males who seek to "chest feed" infants downplays significant health risks, a leading social worker says.

The real travesty, though, is the selfishness seen in males who place their desire to practice God's gift to women above the needs of the child, Mary Szoch, the Family Research Council's director of the Center for Human Dignity, said on Washington Watch Thursday.

Through the use of certain drugs, a biological man can in fact produce a certain level of milk. But in this effort at self-gratification, dangerous side effects for the infant are being ignored, Szoch told show host Joseph Backholm. She explained that a natural change occurs in a woman's body not only to allow her the ability to breast feed, but in the milk she produces as well.

"We know that that breast milk changes itself so that it can act as an additional immune system, so to speak. It actually helps protect the child from infection and from diseases. We know that that's certainly not happening with this drug-induced secretion that is very much not breast milk," Szoch said.

Not only is the infant not receiving the best milk for his or her health, she noted, but the child could be consuming very dangerous milk that has blended with chemicals used in hormone drugs used by biological males. These drugs simulate the changes that occur in a woman's body during the last stage of pregnancy.

Side effects of a potentially dangerous drug

One such drug, Domperidone, is prescribed by doctors in some countries for breastfeeding mothers to increase milk supply. Some studies have linked Domperidone to possible irregular heartbeat or sudden cardiac death.

"We know that what is being produced has the potential to cause heart problems for this child," Szoch said.

Two years ago, the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine issued guidelines encouraging the use of such terms as "chestfeeding," "human milk feeding," and "parent's milk" to promote what it called "gender-inclusive language."

The Centers for Disease Control says biological males can simulate breastfeeding. The CDC website – under an entry entitled "Can transgender parents who have had breast surgery breastfeed or chestfeed their infants?" – dances around the subject of healthcare. It does not specifically mention Domperidone.

"Some transgender parents who have had breast/top surgery may wish to breastfeed, or chestfeed (a term used by some transgender and non-binary parents), their infants. Healthcare providers working with these families should be familiar with medical, emotional, and social aspects of gender transitions to provide optimal family-centered care and meet the nutritional needs of the infant," the CDC writes.

Szoch calls the CDC's guidance an experiment on infants for the sake of the transgender movement.

"It absolutely is. We are putting a brand new baby – a child who has no defenses at all, who can't speak for himself – we're putting that child's life at risk. We're putting that child at risk of having heart palpitations and various difficulties," she said.

Even the World Health Organization, with its reputation for mixing politics and health, has it right with infant nutrition, Szoch said.

"This is so we can encourage this 'woke' culture," she argued. "This is just the very opposite of what breastfeeding is meant to do. Even the World Health Organization encourages breastfeeding because of its benefits for the child."

Another example of woke culture's emphasis on self

The attempt by an adult male to breast feed a child is just one more example of woke culture's emphasis on self and abandonment of care for children, Szoch said. She compared it to human trafficking where some women allow themselves to be used as birth surrogates, their babies immediately taken and sold.

"This is the consequence of a country that looks at children as property," she said.

The practice of simulated breastfeeding by biological males, Szoch pointed out, also distorts the beauty of an act reserved for a woman and her child. It's the nature of a birth mother to be loving and connected to her child. Breastfeeding, in contrast, is an act of placing another above self.

"Chest-feeding is 100% focused on the man who is masquerading as a woman and who has this perverted desire to pretend to feed a child. Breastfeeding is focused on the baby. That's why moms do it," Szoch said.

"It is and can be a really beautiful thing, but breastfeeding can also be painful and challenging and difficult. The challenge of having your child there and needing to feed him or her while that child is screaming is not an easy task, but you do it because you love your child."