Battle of wokeness 'has to stop'

Battle of wokeness 'has to stop'

Battle of wokeness 'has to stop'

As state leaders compete to see which one can "outwoke" the other," a minister and lobbyist says children and families are the ones getting hurt.

California is wanting gender-confused children from other states to come and have a court end their parents' custody so they may proceed with "affirming" hormone treatments and surgical alterations in The Golden State. On the other side of the country, legislation has been introduced to accomplish the same in New Jersey.

Gregory Quinlan of The Center for Garden State Families says Governor Phil Murphy (D) has issued an executive order to that effect.

It directs that all "departments and agencies … to the fullest extent of their authority, pursue opportunities and coordinate to protect people or entities in New Jersey providing, receiving, assisting in providing or receiving, seeking, or traveling to obtain gender-affirming health care services."

In other words, Gov. Murphy has ordered that all health plans and benefits make it easy for a gender-confused person to take harmful drugs and surgeries that can cause permanent damage.

"This affects brain development, cardiovascular development, musculoskeletal development," Quinlan points out. "No child has the mental or emotional capacity to make this permanent, life-altering decision."

But as Gov. Murphy and Gov. Gavin Newsom compete to see "which one could outwoke the other," Quinlan says, "We have a real problem."

Quinlan, Gregory (The Center for Garden State Families) Quinlan

"The problem is it leaves a disastrous wake for children and parents and families when they're doing what they're doing," the family advocate continues. "There is literal bloodshed, literal carnage; people [are] harmed for life, if not killed. This has to stop."

That is why organizations like his are fighting back.

"God in Heaven, help us," Quinlan prays. "We are in the fight for all of this; we're right on the front lines of Sodom and Gomorrah."

LifeSiteNews notes that Murphy's executive order also makes New Jersey a safe haven for medical professionals who break laws in other states against the chemical and surgical mutilation of kids.