Docs accused of ignoring fine print on puberty blockers

Docs accused of ignoring fine print on puberty blockers

Docs accused of ignoring fine print on puberty blockers

An acclaimed children's hospital is being taken to task by an advocacy group for its cavalier argument favoring gender-altering surgery for youngsters.


Despite the recent findings concerning the dangers of gender-altering surgical procedures, Boston Children's Hospital – a nationally ranked medical facility affiliated with Harvard Medical School – is calling for a drastic increase in "gender-affirming care," including surgeries, for children.

Proponents say gender-affirming care is necessary to battle severe distress, anxiety, and depression in youth. But Dr. Michelle Cretella, a pediatrician on the advisory board of Advocates Protecting Children, says easily available documentation clearly counters that argument.

Cretella, Dr. Michelle Cretella

"The drugs, the chemicals, sex-impersonating interventions, the puberty blockers, and the cross-sex hormones – all you have to do is pull the package inserts [for those products]," she tells AFN. "They all cause a worsening of mental illness."

The children's advocate quotes from some of those inserts: "May cause depression … may cause new onset mental illness … worsening of current mental illness.'"

Cretella accuses a group of physicians at the hospital of being part of "Big Medicine" and personally benefiting financially from the push behind gender-affirming care. "They're exploiting vulnerable children to line their pockets with money. I mean, this is criminal," she states.

More than a dozen states have either restricted or banned gender-manipulation procedures for minors, Indiana being the most recent just this week. In addition, the governor of Idaho on Tuesday signed into law a bill criminalizing gender manipulation procedures for youth.