A call to bankrupt 'butchers and liars'

A call to bankrupt 'butchers and liars'

A call to bankrupt 'butchers and liars'

A conservative activist says the ongoing war against the nation's children needs to be reversed, and there are ways to do it.

While several states, mostly in the South, have passed laws forbidding medical treatments and surgeries for minors who want to futilely attempt to change genders, Boston Children's Hospital is calling for expansion of those services.

The co-director at the hospital's Center for Gender Surgery has called for a drastic increase in capacity for what he calls "gender-affirming care," including surgeries, for kids.

A March 14 article published in The Journal of the American Medical Association reportedly calls for more clinics to be opened up with targeted knowledge on the gender-affirming model. The authors outline several steps "to improve capacity for this patient population" since "there will be an increased flux of patients traveling to seek care in states with more open legislation."

They also recommend that medical school residency programs expose future physicians to gender-affirming care by increasing "training efforts" for "gender-affirming surgeries."

Peter LeBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) makes note of Chloe Cole, a girl who went through the surgeries and treatments to become a boy when she was a teenager and is now detransitioning.

LaBarbera, Peter (AFTAH) LaBarbera

"These doctors and therapists who encourage this, she calls them butchers and liars," he tells AFN. "What's happening at Boston Children's is they're saying, 'We need more funds' so the butchers and liars can mutilate more children. That's what's going on."

To turn the situation around, LaBarbera says more legislatures need to ban the procedures, and more Chloe Coles need to file lawsuits for the life-altering harm that has been done to them.

"We have to bankrupt this evil pediatric gender medicine industry," he asserts. "We have to bankrupt these doctors, and we have to get these hospitals to say no, or at least wait until the person becomes an adult. We should not allow a child, even in cooperation with his gullible parents, to destroy their own bodies in the pursuit of this transgender fantasy."

He also advises parents and children to research and find out when surgery has ever cured a mental problem like gender dysphoria.