Requiring the jab before surgery labeled 'medical tyranny'

Requiring the jab before surgery labeled 'medical tyranny'

Requiring the jab before surgery labeled 'medical tyranny'

A medical expert makes the case that sometimes the profession has gone too far in mandating COVID vaccine. Case in point: transplant patients are being refused because they declined the shots.

The latest example is Yulia Hicks, a 14-year-old in North Carolina who needs a kidney transplant – but has been refused by Duke University hospital because she has refused a COVID shot. The teen's adoptive mom, according to LifeNews.com, questions the veracity of a committee making such a decision about someone's life. "This is, without a doubt, medical tyranny," states Chrissy Hicks.

Dr. Jane Orient of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons offers her thoughts.

Orient, Dr. Jane (AAPS) Orient

"… There is no evidence that getting the vaccine is necessary, especially in her case since she's already recovered from COVID – [and because] there's no evidence that it prevents death or serious illness, especially in a young person like this," she offers.

Dr. Orient shares that she has read case reports in which the vaccine is believed to have caused patients to reject transplanted organs – leading her to the conclusion that doctors are imposing on Yulia a condition that diminishes the chances for a transplant success. Orient also contends there is too much pressure on medical personnel from the top to follow this narrative.

"[They argue] everybody's got to get a COVID shot, despite the safety signals [and] despite the traditional medical ethics that you cannot force treatment on people without their consent," the physician emphasizes. "You know you're withholding life-saving treatment because they don't give consent [to a shot] – and I can't think of anything more coercive than that."

She stresses that the refusal to try to save the life of Yulia Hicks for refusing the shot is not an isolated one. AFN reported in February that a woman in need of a kidney transplant was reinstated to the transplant list at Vanderbilt University Hospital after being told a few months earlier her name was removed because she hadn't received the COVID-19 injection.

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