Unvaccinated patient thankful for transplant list reactivation

Unvaccinated patient thankful for transplant list reactivation

Unvaccinated patient thankful for transplant list reactivation

A woman is praising Jesus Christ and thanking supporters for helping her get back on a transplant list after being removed for not having her COVID-19 shots.

Debbie Doster is a longtime kidney transplant patient at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. For the last two years, her kidneys have been functioning at approximately 19%, so almost a year ago – after a series of interviews with medical staff at the hospital – Doster was added to the kidney transplant list. But in late November, she received a call informing her that her name had been removed from that list.

"It was the policy of the medical center to require recipients to be vaccinated in protection of themselves and others; and protection of that kidney," Doster shared last month. "These organs that are being donated are so valuable … to life that they don't want to lose one single organ, so when they transplant an organ into a person, they follow the life of that organ until the death of that recipient."

Though she was disappointed, Doster understood the hospital's position at the time.

"I can see that, and I can empathize with that," she says. "But then when I evaluate the research … it's not substantiated at all."

With help from attorneys at Liberty Counsel and others like Tim Wildmon and Sandy Rios of American Family Association (AFA), Doster was able to report on "Sandy Rios in the Morning" Monday that she is now back on the list.

"I just want to thank and praise our lord and savior, Jesus Christ," she declared. "He is a beautiful, wonderful, good, good father, and he looks out after all of us. Even when we don't sense his presence, he's walking with us through the valleys."

She also thanked AFA, Liberty Counsel, and "the thousands of people who listen" to Rios's show who called and wrote letters and emails to the appropriate authorities and brought about her reactivation on the kidney transplant list.