America's unfounded resolve to keep hurting children

America's unfounded resolve to keep hurting children

America's unfounded resolve to keep hurting children

As the U.K. and other European countries put stringent restrictions on gender transitioning, an advocate for children says the practice is still full speed ahead in the U.S.

In addition to placing restrictions on puberty blockers and gender transitioning surgeries, the U.K. has shut down its major transgender clinic. Dr. Michelle Cretella of Advocates Protecting Children says Sweden, Finland, and France have also added tough restrictions.

"These countries are recognizing there is no solid science demonstrating that chemical castration, sterilization, and mutilation help children," she responds.

Cretella, Dr. Michelle Cretella

Breitbart reports the U.K.'s National Health Service (NHS) now requires intense psychological counseling, warning that children who believe they are transgender are merely going through a "phase" and instructing doctors to encourage them against using preferred pronouns or other names.

On that note, Dr. Cretella points out that almost every gender dysphoric child is suffering from underlying psychological or emotional issues that need to be properly addressed.

"Look at what is underneath," she agrees. "[Look] at the claim of being trapped in the wrong body as a cry for help, as a sign that there's something else going on."

As health and government officials in the U.S. continue to promote and encourage transgenderism in public schools, Dr. Cretella strongly advises parents to homeschool their children or explore the options of private or church schools.