COVID restrictions were 'mind-numbingly endless'

COVID restrictions were 'mind-numbingly endless'

COVID restrictions were 'mind-numbingly endless'

The topic of "pandemic amnesty" doesn't sit well at all with the founder of an organization that advocates for health freedom.

As reported by AFN on Friday, people are pushing back against the idea of a sort of "amnesty" for those behind the COVID-19 shutdowns and mandates over the past two years. Twila Brase, RN and president/co-founder of Citizens' Council for Health Freedom, is among them.

Brase doesn't think the country should just simply "move on." As she points out, people lost their lives, their businesses, their jobs, and their income – and some even became disabled because they were forced to take the jab.

"So, this is not a time for amnesty – this is a time for accountability," Brase contends. "That is [the direction] the country needs to go. [And] that is where I am hoping the new Congress will take us: toward accountability."

Brase, Twila (CCHF) Brase

Over-the-top restrictions that immediately come to Brase's mind include small businesses that were forced to close … and "humongous businesses" that were allowed to stay open.

"Churches were forced to close and liquor stores were kept open …. I think about beaches being closed; playgrounds being wrapped in yellow tape. I think about people being forced to actually stay home, not [allowed to] leave their home because they had been exposed to someone who had COVID – and now, of course, we know that just does not matter."

Another restriction that really caused damage, she says, was not allowing people in the hospital to have visitors – so, many died alone because they didn't have advocates to fight for them in the hospital.

"People could not come in and be with their loved ones, with their parents, with their children," Brase laments. "Those patients were completely at the mercy of the hospitals that were not actually taking care of or treating COVID."

And the restrictions didn't stop there, she adds. "How many people could attend a funeral; how many people could attend a wedding; the government telling us nobody should be coming over to your house on Thanksgiving; you could have only these people and not those people."

The restrictions they proposed, she concludes, were "just mind numbingly endless."