Disputed warnings about 'clot shot' harmed children, athletes most

Disputed warnings about 'clot shot' harmed children, athletes most

On the Centers for Disease Control website, page 22 of a report lists the side effects from the COVID-19 vaccination on children age 12 and under. The study was released Sept. 1. 

Disputed warnings about 'clot shot' harmed children, athletes most

The same virus-fearing public that is masking up in stores, and getting jabbed with a second and third booster shot, is witnessing a gut-wrenching betrayal: The promised miracle shot to fight COVID-19 is being blamed for harming and even killing young adults and children.

The medical profession calls it “Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome,” or SADS, when otherwise healthy young adults – many of them athletes in peak condition – drop dead from a heart attack. The medical profession views SADS as an inherited genetic problem that creates an abnormal heart rhythm but, in recent years, the controversial COVID-19 shot and its documented side effects are being blamed for injuries and deaths.

According to health and fitness researchers Dr. Philip Maffetone and Paul Laursen, in an article about Sudden Cardiac Death published earlier this year, the number of sudden deaths has hovered around 10 fatalities a year going back decades. Then, in 2021, the health experts documented 325 such deaths. Citing other researchers around the globe, their study looked at Myocarditis, which is inflammation of the heart muscle, and which the Centers for Disease Control belatedly admitted is a side effect and not “COVID-19 misinformation.”

According to the paper’s conclusion, Myocarditis and its heart complications have been documented in people who caught the virus but the heart condition also shows up in the vaccinated, especially after a second dose.

Farther down in their research paper, the authors concluded that high-intensity exercise, combined with the COVID-19 shot, affects the endothelium, the thin membrane that lines the heart. That is why a missed diagnosis of heart complications, including by the vaccinated and the boosted, could lead to sudden death in the gym or on a soccer field.  

Despite those medical studies, a fact-checking article at Politifact disputed social media claims about athletes quitting from injuries or dropping dead. The fact-checking article, which published in June, cited examples that were exaggerated or were outright untrue.

Medical experts quoted for the article insisted there are literally no examples of athletes being injured from the COVID-19 shot, which demonstrates the great gulf between those experts and the less-notable critics who call the experimental vaccine “The Clot Shot.”

The side effects and lethal danger of the COVID-19 shot have been a frequent topic of author and journalist Daniel Horowitz, who told American Family Radio the public is just now learning about the danger.   

“Suddenly you're getting blood clots and pulmonary emboli and myocarditis, myocardiopathy, and all these neurological disorders,” Horowitz told show host Sandy Rios. “And then cancers that are very sudden and metastatic.”

Staver, Mat (Liberty Counsel) Staver

In a second eye-opening study, released Sept. 1 by the Centers for Disease Control, the federal agency found 50% to 60% of children reported a “systemic reaction” to the first shot or to a booster. The survey included more than 13,000 children ranging from babies to young adults.

In one graph, 57,048 children ages 12 and under reported minor symptoms such as headaches, fever, dizziness, and fatigue. Among the more serious cases, a total of 7,217 children tested positive for the virus, reported shortness of breath, or died.

Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel, who has been fighting COVID shot mandates for two years now, says the CDC is admitting the vaccines are not safe for children.

“There's multiple different sources now that are coming out with the same kind of conclusion,” he concludes, “that these are causing significant injuries and even death.”