Standing in the gap for 'thousands' being wronged by DOD

Standing in the gap for 'thousands' being wronged by DOD

Standing in the gap for 'thousands' being wronged by DOD

A military whistleblower says the U.S. Army is playing hardball with him because he refuses to take an experimental drug based on his religious convictions.

1LT Mark Bashaw is a Preventive Medicine Officer currently assigned to the Army Public Health Center at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland. As reported by AFN last month, Bashaw is one of nine military officers who signed a multi-page memo sent to members of Congress alleging the inoculations and mandates imposed by the Department of Defense were done so illegally and violated service members' rights.

"First and foremost is my faith in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior," he shares, "and I have a religious conviction about not participating in any of the vaccinations – not just COVID-19."

The Army officer told AFN earlier that he was "confused" by the mandate requiring service members – most of whom are young and healthy – to be inoculated. Since then, he argues, more and more evidence has come to light that the "shots" are potentially very dangerous.

Bashaw, 1LT Mark Bashaw

"The – quote, unquote – 'injections' modified RNA therapies or treatments are deemed deadly according to government FDA documents," he contends.

But Bashaw says the Biden DOD refuses to back off from mandating the shots and has shown no interest in reading about or listening to his concerns.

"So, I showed up to work without a mask and without being tested and without being injected with these experimental products," he continues. "And then they came after me, threatened me with charges and ultimately sent me to a court-martial."

It was through that process Bashaw says he became familiar with others in the military who were going through the same thing. "It wasn't just me – it's thousands of us," he emphasizes.

Bashaw is unsure how things will play out for his Army career – but insists he just takes it one day at a time and puts his trust in the Lord.