Trans-obsessed Biden admin ignoring warnings from UK

Trans-obsessed Biden admin ignoring warnings from UK

Trans-obsessed Biden admin ignoring warnings from UK

Joe Biden’s struggling presidency has not stopped his administration from celebrating the life-changing mutilation of mentally-confused transgender children even after alarmed medical professionals in United Kingdom put on the brakes.

The United Kingdom has taken action against that country’s only transgender clinic for minors after a years-long investigation showed the terrible damage woke ideology had done to mentally confused children.

According to a Daily Signal story, the National Health Service is shuttering the Tavistock clinic after an investigation found medical staff were pressured to ignore their normal clinical assessment and instead simply affirm the wishes of gender-confused children.

In short, the mental health of the innocent children went ignored in the name of ideology.

Despite the backtracking in Great Britain, Dr. Jeff Barrows of the Christian Medical Association says the Biden administration is moving forward with trans-treatments and surgeries in spite of zero medical evidence of any benefits.

Barrows, Dr. Jeffrey (CMDA) Barrows

“They're moving forward on the basis of ideology, which is extremely dangerous for our children,” Barrows warns. “And I think we're going to end up with many children that will be transitioned to the opposite gender and then will later regret it. And that's exactly what's happened in the United Kingdom.”

AFN has reported in past stories that transgender people suffer from mental confusion, like a people suffering from Schizophrenia, because the mind is at war with the body and the biological reality of DNA, chromosomes, hormones, and sex organs. But what should be a medical condition pitied by the public has become a twisted left-wing ideology that treats transgender people like Civil Rights pioneers who are breaking societal barriers.

In the U.S., under pressure to do so, the American Psychiatric Association dropped the term “Gender Identify Disorder” and replaced it with the less-offensive term “Gender Dysphoria” in 2012.

Just how prevalent is the "trans" ideology in the UK? The number of child referrals at Tavistock soared from 250 annually to 5,000 annually over a decade. 

According to Barrows, children are suffering most under this twisted version of health care.

“Especially the use of cross-sex hormones causes increased risk of heart attacks in biological women that take testosterone -- even greater than what's found in men,” he warns. “We find that there is an increased risk of clots, of diabetes and other medical problems.”