Diagnosis: CDC, Big Tech breeding COVID misinformation

Diagnosis: CDC, Big Tech breeding COVID misinformation

Diagnosis: CDC, Big Tech breeding COVID misinformation

A medical researcher and retired Army Reserve officer contends the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been caught red-handed collaborating with Big Tech on COVID-19 misinformation.

A lawsuit filed by America First Legal (AFL) has compelled the CDC to "release of records regarding correspondence between the federal public health agency and social media companies during the pandemic," as reported by The Epoch Times. According to Gene Hamilton, AFL's vice president and general counsel, the 286-page production provides several examples of the CDC "flagging explicit posts on Twitter and Facebook that they viewed as being misinformation."

American Family News spoke to Dr. Lawrence Sellin about the newly released information regarding the CDC's collaboration with Big Tech. Sellin, who holds a Ph.D. in physiology and an M.A. in biology, offers his opinion, drawing on his civilian experience in international business and medical research.

Sellin, Col. Lawrence (Ret.-USA Reserce) Sellin

"U.S. government public health agencies like the Centers for Disease Control, the Food and Drug Administration, and the National Institutes of Health are politically contaminated," he contends. "[They are] controlled by the Democrat Party and operated to enhance the profits of multinational pharmaceutical corporations, which are major donors to the Democrat Party and advertising sponsors of media organizations."

As a result, the retired Army Reserve colonel isn't surprised that an alliance exists between U.S. government public health agencies and Big Tech.

He alleges that "rather than providing the American people with scientifically and medically accurate information upon which they may make informed judgments about vaccines and therapeutics, [the alliance is working] to provide politically motivated government propaganda benefitting Democrat Party donors."

Sellin argues that the media and Big Tech represent and respond to the needs of the political establishment, particularly the Democratic Party.

"[And] that is why any discussion of the laboratory origin of COVID-19 and the detrimental effects of the COVID-19 vaccines has been aggressively suppressed by both U.S. government public health agencies and their allies in media and Big Tech," he adds. "Too many rich and powerful people have too much to lose in regard to their investments in multinational corporations and China."

Data in journals 'contaminated'

According to Sellin, "political contamination" has gone beyond U.S. government public health agencies and the media and Big Tech.

"The scientific and medical literature is now similarly tainted," he argues. "Even articles in formerly reputable scientific and medical journals publish incomplete or deceptive data in order to advance a political agenda."

The results, says Sellin, have massive implications for all citizens of the United States.

"Ordinary Americans must now assume that any information emanating from U.S. government public health agencies is likely inaccurate and designed to foster certain political responses rather than provide sound medical advice to address disease," he warns.

Consequently, he says, it's only "logical" for those same people to "ignore and sometimes actively resist" that information – and instead, rely on the medical advice from local healthcare professionals they trust.