Another effort to get more kids jabbed

Another effort to get more kids jabbed

Another effort to get more kids jabbed

A family advocate says a legislator in her state is pushing an "extreme agenda" with a proposal to allow students 12 and older to decide for themselves whether they want a COVID vaccine.

Sharon McKeeman, founder of the California-based Let Them Breathe, suggests state Senator Scott Wiener's (D) agenda with Senate Bill 866 is to get as many students jabbed as possible. But she does not think kids that young should be burdened with such choices.

McKeeman, Sharon (founder, Let Them Breathe) McKeeman

"Their brains are still developing, and they shouldn't be making these decisions outside of the family unit," McKeeman argues. "That should be something that's made within the family unit, not something that the government is just handing over … to children."

McKeeman, whose organization advocates for giving parents the right to decide about their children's health and safety, says the bill is an assault on the rights of every parent.

"The rest of the country is aware that that is not how our children should be treated," she asserts. "This is a very extreme agenda."

Let Them Breathe is focusing on educating parents about education options, especially for those who may not have many resources.