Is the left pushing too far?

Is the left pushing too far?

Is the left pushing too far?

The West Coast is again proving how far left it can go.

American Family News recently reported that California lawmakers are working on legislation that would allow children as young as 12 to request or agree to a vaccination, including those for COVID-19, without their parents being notified.

Keller, Jonathan (Calif. Family Council) Keller

Considering that students are not allowed to get a tattoo at that age or take Tylenol in school, Jonathan Keller of the California Family Council finds it strange.

"It's very dangerous to imagine that a 12-year-old should be expected to consent to their own medical care without a knowledge of their history, without any counter indications of drugs or other complications," Keller continues. "This is again an example of California legislators trying to break the relationship between parents and children."

He says it changes the parent-child dynamic.

"At this point the only way to stop this bill is if there is an overwhelming grassroots opposition from the people of California," Keller explains. "It is an election year, so it's possible that even some of our Democrat friends might listen to reason on this and agree this is a step too far."

If SB 866 passes, he says some legal avenues could be pursued, but courts in California have shown they are more than willing to side with the government over the rights of parents and families.