CA bill coming after kids, behind parents, with COVID shot

CA bill coming after kids, behind parents, with COVID shot

CA bill coming after kids, behind parents, with COVID shot

California state senators are pushing the boundaries of the controversial COVID-19 vaccination, this time by proposing pre-teens can get The Jab without permission from their parents.

According to the California Family Council, the legislation proposed by Scott Wiener and Richard Pan, named Teens Choose Vaccines Act, would not require parents to be notified.

“So many teens want to be vaccinated,” Wiener said of the bill, “so that they can lead a more normal life—participating in sports or band, traveling, going to friends’ homes."

Many teens are prevented from getting The Jab, he went on to say, because of their parents' "political views" or their "inability" to find time to get it done. 

Sharon McKeeman, who founded the group Let Them Choose, tells AFN children are far more at risk from the vaccine than from the virus itself.

"A child's risk of some serious complications of COVID,” she says, “are far, far less than a child's risk of the side effects and complications from the vaccine that have already been proven."

AFN has reported the CDC acknowledges, but downplays, the “elevated” risk of myocarditis from the COVID-19 shot, especially in males ages 12 to 29.

Regarding the senators behind the bill, McKeeman says Sen. Pan has earned a reputation for introducing extreme legislation, even in the far-left California legislature, and so she predicts there's a good chance to defeat this latest bill.

"We're not going to convince Pan but there are other representatives that are looking at this as an election cycle,” she says. “And so, if they follow Pan's extreme agenda, and they're hearing that's going to keep them from getting reelected, we really do have a good shot to stop these bills."

According to the pro-vaccine website VaxTeen, which provides medical information and state laws, California allows minors 12 and older to get the HPV vaccine, but no others, without parental consent.

Last December, the parent of a 13-year-old told KNBC-TV her son was vaccinated at school without her permission and given pizza as a reward.

The news station reported the student attends the Barack Obama Global Prep Academy, which is located in Los Angeles.