Deadly learning curve continues

Deadly learning curve continues

Deadly learning curve continues

A whistleblower continues to reveal startling information about the impact of COVID vaccines on pregnant women.

The whistleblower is on a COVID-19 task force and has analyzed information from the government on pregnant women who have been vaccinated for COVID. Remaining anonymous, she was recently interviewed by Mark Harrington on his radio program.

"As of last Friday, which is when we get our most recent numbers, there have been a total of 458 reports of spontaneous abortions or premature rupture of membranes," the whistleblower relayed. "I know in the U.K. that number is closer to 1,000 right now."

A valid question to be asked on the topic is are the pregnancy losses directly related to the vaccines?

"What we've noticed when we've plotted the time to onset, like the time to pregnancy loss after the vaccination, we've noticed that they're very closely temporally related to the time of vaccine," the whistleblower explained. "One-third of all these pregnancy losses are within the first two days after receiving the vaccine."

In her field of nanoscience, she says it is well-known that the particles of the vaccine have been found in the brain, in the spleen, and in the reproductive organs, so there is reason to believe the particles would pass through the placenta to the preborn child.

Additional information is available on the Abortion Free New Mexico website.