Unhappy media rolls out 'Republicans seize' angle after GA student's death

Unhappy media rolls out 'Republicans seize' angle after GA student's death

Unhappy media rolls out 'Republicans seize' angle after GA student's death

The liberal news media doesn’t seem horrified over the murder of a college co-ed in Georgia but it sure seems disturbed the public is linking her alleged killer to the issue of illegal immigration.

Reacting to the brutal murder of Laken Riley, a University of Georgia nursing student, CNN host Jake Tapper complained her death is handing a political issue to Donald Trump.

“They’re seizing on this [murder],” Tapper, looking unhappy, said, “as an example of Biden’s failure to protect the American people and secure the border.”

That is because many Americans believe Riley’s blood is on President Biden’s hands because the murder suspect, Jose Antonio Ibarra, is an illegal alien from Venezuela.

According to ICE, Ibarra entered the U.S. in September 2022 through Texas. He was allowed to remain here,  like tens of millions of other illegal aliens, after Border Patrol agents encountered him near El Paso, Texas. New York City police arrested him a year later for a vehicle-related incident, but he was released before ICE agents could detain him and NYPD says it has no record of his arrest.

In a second CNN segment, Democrat Rep. Katie Porter said a violent crime sometimes triggers a "sense of outrage" over the victim. 

"But I think," she continued, "the important thing to focus on is any one instance shouldn't shape our overall immigration policy." 

It's unclear from the interview what Biden immigration policy the Congresswoman was referring to, since an estimated 8 million illegal aliens have crossed into the U.S. during Biden's term. 

AP describes an ‘Athens residents’

After she went jogging on campus but never returned, Riley’s body was discovered in a wooden area on the UGA campus late last week. Court documents state she dragged into the woods and died from blunt force trauma.

In a story related to Riley’s death, the influential Associated Press found an angle to cover: the dangers of women jogging alone. That story, which published Feb. 25, mentioned Ibarra only once. It describes him as an “Athens resident” and didn’t even use the politically correct phrase “undocumented immigrant,” a description the liberal media uses to tip toe around a person’s non-citizenship status.

Nicholas Fondacaro, of the Media Research Center, tells AFN the Associated Press published a second story about the murder suspect but the wire service says it couldn’t determine his citizenship status.

“In the one article where they do eventually mention the immigration statuses,” Fondacaro says, “there are four different instances in the same article where they have to note that ‘we don't know his immigration status.’”

That dishonest news story is no accident, Fondacaro says, because the AP has chosen a side in national politics instead of reporting the facts.

Fondacaro, Nicholas (MRC) Fondacaro

“They absolutely see this as an election issue,” he insists. “The AP is trying to shield [Biden] the best they can.”

If there is any consolation for the public, it may be that The Associated Press was ripped mercilessly on X, formerly Twitter, for its story about female joggers. As of today, the story has accumulated more than 7,000 comments – few of them complimentary.

“The corporate media will blame a woman for exercising alone before blaming an illegal alien for killing her,” Christine Pushaw, a press aide for Gov. Ron DeSantis, wrote of the AP story.