Brave Books entering brave new world

Brave Books entering brave new world

Brave Books entering brave new world

Kirk Cameron has teamed up with the Christian book company once again, and he's returning to television.

Leigh-Allyn Baker from the Disney show "Good Luck Charlie" and Iggy the iguana will also be featured on the new series, "Adventures with Iggy and Mr. Kirk."

Trent Talbot, CEO and founder of Brave Books, says a TV show is new but exciting territory for the book company.

Talbot, Trent (BRAVE Books) Talbot

"It is a live-action television show featuring Kirk Cameron and Iggy the iguana, which is a puppet," he details. "It's got the traditional morality of Mr. Rogers, but much more high energy, with hilarious dialogues and animated stories."

He says what makes it stand out is that it will be world-class entertainment that instills biblical, foundational lessons that build character and strengthen morality.

"We want to take screen time and turn it into an opportunity to build children up," Talbot tells AFN.

Sanctity of life, respecting authority, honesty, and loving your family will be among the themes.

Talbot says Brave Books is definitely making a difference, but his team wanted to do more. And the fact is screens are an important part of today's culture.

"We're in the fight for the hearts and minds and souls of our children, but we didn't feel like we were winning," he says. "If we want our Christian ideas and values to be prevalent in the culture, we have to get that content onto screens."

"Adventures with Iggy and Mr. Kirk" is a crowd-funded project, and the first episodes are scheduled to release this fall on Brave Books' new and upcoming streaming service.