NYT blasted for burying CDC's admission of doctoring COVID numbers

NYT blasted for burying CDC's admission of doctoring COVID numbers

NYT blasted for burying CDC's admission of doctoring COVID numbers

The COVID death count was inflated by almost a third, according to the CDC and independent research. Pretty big news – but in a story last week about COVID deaths, the New York Times decided there were more important things to report.

The New York Times celebrated the marked decrease in COVID deaths with an article entitled, "A Positive Covid Milestone." In it you would have read that the number of COVID deaths "is no longer historically abnormal." But it's not until paragraph 17 that the Times hits readers with the bombshell:

"The official number [of COVID-19 deaths] is probably an exaggeration because it includes some people who had [the] virus when they died even though it was not the underlying cause of death."

In other words, the CDC counted any death to persons who had COVID as caused by COVID. The NYT report explains that both CDC data and a study in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases support the claim that "almost one third of official recent Covid deaths have fallen into this category." Specifically, COVID deaths were overcounted by about 30%.

Colorado-based talk-show host Richard Randall contends the Times knew what it was doing. "That's intentional. They buried it under 16 paragraphs of other information that was not as important as paragraph 17," he tells AFN.

Randall, Richard (Colo. radio host) Randall

Randall says like the rest of the mainstream media, the New York Times dutifully reported the CDC numbers, highlighting how dire the pandemic was and justifying all the lockdowns, church closures, and vaccine and mask mandates.

According to Randall, a lot of people were telling the media the numbers didn't add up – but media outlets just considered that information "rumors" or part of a "conspiracy."

"[But as] it turns out … there are probably about two dozen 'conspiracies' that turned out to be true, real conspiracies," he adds.

While the CDC's fudging of the death count may be shocking enough, the radio talk-show host suggests the real bombshell may be why the CDC did that. "I think the average person has been asking ever since COVID hit, 'Was it really this bad? Have you exaggerated it? Was it an accident that you exaggerated? Or were you somehow trying to manipulate people to see if you could control a narrative that big?'"

As a podcast duo in Indianapolis points out, the CDC's admission "contradicts years of insistence from The Times as well as other prominent news outlets and Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci himself that anyone questioning the validity of the Covid death statistics was merely a radical right-wing conspiracy theorist."

Another commentator argues the CDC's admission after the fact no longer matters:

"They got what they wanted: the panic, the election results they liked, the smearing of Republicans, the wholesale changes in how social media companies regulate speech, and the suppression of dissent from their power grab."