Far Left flocks to Threads after 'haters' ruin their Twitter lies

Far Left flocks to Threads after 'haters' ruin their Twitter lies

Far Left flocks to Threads after 'haters' ruin their Twitter lies

Meta, the parent company behind Facebook and Instagram, has introduced a new platform to challenge Elon Musk-owned Twitter but it predictably launched last week by blocking unwelcomed users only to claim it was a mistake.

Liberals have been up in arms ever since billionaire Musk took over Twitter eight months ago and vowed to make free speech a priority after shadowy executives blocked and punished conservative views. The claim from the Far Left is that “hate speech” has flourished in “tweets” since Musk took over, so billionaire rival Mark Zuckerburg has rolled out an app called Threads to woo the disaffected Left.

An estimated 30 million users have reportedly signed up since last week.

Nicholas Fondacaro of Media Research Center tells AFN he signed up to take a look at Threads. On the website, he noticed it is missing basic features people have come to expect from technology in 2023.

“I saw a meme I liked and I went to copy it to my saved images on my phone,” he recalls, “and you can't do that.”

Regarding that huge sign-up for Threads, Fondacaro suspects most are liberals who don’t want their ideas challenged in a Twitter post where they are “ratioed” or “dragged” by right-leaning users.

“They want to be in an area where they can spout off and not receive any pushback for their ideas,” he suspects.

In fact, Threads seemed ready to shield its left-wing audience by flagging right-leaning accounts from Twitter, such as the popular “DC Draino” account owned by Rogan O’Handley.

“Are you sure you want to follow dc_draino?” a Community Guidelines post, accusing the account of posting false information, asks on Threads.

Fondacaro, Nicholas (MRC) Fondacaro

Threads, which also flagged Donald Trump, Jr., claimed it was blocking accounts in error and the problem had been “fixed.”

The open censorship at Threads, Fondacaro says, will only worsen the Far Left’s echo chamber in which it blocks right-wing viewpoints that liberals, if they are honest, can’t even articulate fairly.

“They don't see it as a blind spot. They think of themselves as enlightened,” he says of the Far Left’s beliefs. “And it's just gonna drive people apart in that you're not even able to understand the other side.”