Pundit: NYT carrying water for Biden – because he can't do it himself

Pundit: NYT carrying water for Biden – because he can't do it himself

Pundit: NYT carrying water for Biden – because he can't do it himself

The New York Times is taking heat for printing a "puff piece" talking up the sharpness and stamina of President Joe Biden.


The American president's entire public schedule on Monday started with the daily briefing at 10 a.m., a meeting with the Danish prime minister, and a reception for the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. That's a fairly typical workday for the 80-year-old chief executive, who spent almost the entire 2020 campaign in his basement.

But a Times article on Sunday titled "Inside the Complicated Reality of Being America's Oldest President" called Biden "sharp," "wise," and "able to rise to the occasion even in the dead of night to confront a dangerous world."

The NYT article continued: "Yet a little slower, a little softer, a little harder of hearing, a little more tentative in his walk, a little more prone to occasional lapses of memory in ways that feel familiar to anyone who has reached their ninth decade or has a parent who has."

Radio talk-show host Jeff Crank says Americans "aren't buffaloed" by such a story because they know his stamina suffers to the point that even his staff schedules his public appearances between noon and 4 p.m.

Crank, Jeff (radio host) Crank

"That just shows you that the New York Times and the media is a lapdog for this White House," Crank tells AFN.

The NYT piece comes on the heels of Biden falling hard on the stage at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony when he tripped over a sandbag (see image above). Although unhurt, he had to be helped getting back up.

"I think it happens with a frequency to Joe Biden, whether it's the tumbles or the verbal gaffes," says Crank. "The American people are too smart to fall for that kind of nonsense from the New York Times."

Crank finds it laughable how the once proud "Gray Lady" has ruined whatever credibility it had left when it does these kinds of "puff pieces." He adds it is almost "Baghdad Bob-type stuff" from the days of the war in Iraq.

"Baghdad Bob," the nickname given to Saddam Hussein's minister of information during the Gulf War, was known for comically erroneous press briefings most every day, during which he predicted American failure and denied the Baghdad invasion – sometimes even as U.S. tanks appeared in the background.