When perps are right-wingers, they're the threat – otherwise, nah!

When perps are right-wingers, they're the threat – otherwise, nah!

When perps are right-wingers, they're the threat – otherwise, nah!

Conservative media watchers are offering examples that the mainstream media is hiding the truth behind threats against Target … because being accurate would reflect poorly on homosexual activists.

"Burying the lede" is when the newsworthy part of a story fails to appear at the beginning, where it's expected. In a recent article about Target's homosexual-themes merchandise, for example, ABC News spent 18 paragraphs talking about some vague but serious threat against the LGBTQ+ community because of a possible conservative boycott.

In contrast, it spent exactly one paragraph – deep down in the copy – talking about the only actual, verifiable threat: a bomb threat against Target by gay extremists when the big-box store seemed to respond to the complaints. Nicholas Fondacaro of Media Research Center tells AFN the reason is clear: "They want to keep this wrong narrative going that it's the Right that's the threat."

Fondacaro, Nicholas (MRC) Fondacaro

The MRC spokesman says he's seen a consistent, "bizarre" narrative from trans activists and the media that trans people are being killed by conservatives.

"They were basically saying, 'Oh, this is contributing to the genocide of trans youth,'" Fondacaro describes. "Where is this genocide happening? Where are all these death camps, these pits filled with trans people?" he asks.

Radio talk-show host Richard Randall argues homosexual activists and the mainstream media are conveniently forgetting about the Left's attempted boycott when states took a stand against gender-mutilation surgeries on minors and tried to clean up their voter rolls.

"You're telling people not to go to Florida? Or you're telling people that you need to move the [MLB] All-Star game? And that's somehow different than what we're talking about now?" he emphasizes.

In a related article, MRC summarizes the media reporting as follows:

"… Except in the most extreme cases, the media will only report on domestic terrorism when they can portray the perpetrators as right-wing. They are deeply committed to a manufactured narrative in which the American right holds a monopoly on political violence, and they curate their reporting in order to fuel that narrative whenever possible."