What? How is DeSantis the new Hitler? Because of polls

What? How is DeSantis the new Hitler? Because of polls

What? How is DeSantis the new Hitler? Because of polls

If the public is wondering whether the left-wing national media will grow concerned about a future President DeSantis, the sudden interest in the Florida governor suggests they are getting worried about polls suggesting he would defeat Joe Biden.

“I say this with conviction: I think Ron DeSantis is far more dangerous than Donald Trump,” David Jolly, an MSNBC political analyst, worryingly said to nods of approval this week on MSNBC. (See related commentary)

That warning might come as a surprise to many Americans who were repeatedly warned by the media then-President Donald Trump was a white supremacist ally of Vladimir Putin who hated immigrants and minorities, and he was going to pull America into World War III.

He was even worse than Adolf Hitler, the public was repeatedly warned, which was also said again and again about former president George W. Bush.  

Now, somehow, DeSantis is being described as worse than Trump even after Florida voters re-elected him in a 59%-40% drubbing of Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist, a former Florida governor. 

According to Jolly’s analysis of Trump and DeSantis, Trump is a “transactional figure who will do whatever it takes to win,” likely referring to Trump’s populist campaign in 2016.

Jolly, a former Florida lawmaker, went on to warn that Gov. DeSantis is a “culture warrior” who has a “very dark vision” for what America will be under his presidency. He also warned DeSantis wants to “take America back a hundred years,” likely referring to the Governor’s wins against far-left ideology in Florida.

Fondacaro, Nicholas (MRC) Fondacaro

Nicholas Fondacaro of the Media Research Center tells AFN he has a theory behind the liberal media’s sudden concern for DeSantis: The conservative-hating media wants Trump to be the Republican nominee.  

“Their point of view seems to be,” he observes, “that they would prefer the person that they believe to be easier for Biden to defeat.”

The media is reading and studying the polls, too, Fondacaro says, which show DeSantis narrowly beats Biden in a head-to-head matchup.

Sure enough, a compilation of six polls at RealClearPolitics shows DeSantis winning three and tying with Biden in two. The current president is ahead in two of the polls. Averaged out, DeSantis is ahead 1.4 points.

Back on MSNBC, MRC reported that show host Joy Reid might have outdone Jolly's analysis of DeSantis. In a bizarre segment about the Florida governor's "war on woke," she predicted America could turn into "China, Cuba, North Korea, Afghanistan, or Iran."