'Field day' follows anti-Florida advisory

'Field day' follows anti-Florida advisory

'Field day' follows anti-Florida advisory

A media watchdog says broadcast and cable networks are treating a partisan group's talking point against Florida like an official declaration.

The advisory, which comes from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), says the state has become hostile to black Americans under Governor Ron DeSantis (R). The NAACP takes exception to his party's efforts to keep inaccurate, woke curriculum out of Florida's classrooms and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs out of colleges.

"The NAACP is issuing a formal travel advisory for Florida, saying the state has become hostile to black Americans under Republican Governor Ron DeSantis," ABC's Linsey Davis (pictured above) said in one newscast. "Other civil rights groups have issued similar warnings in recent weeks … as DeSantis is on the verge of entering the race for the White House."

Without any mention of the NAACP's political affiliations, ABC News correspondent Jay O'Brien boosted the Left-leaning groups accusations that Florida is not a safe place for minorities to visit or live.

Fondacaro, Nicholas (MRC) Fondacaro

"Tonight, after accusing Governor Ron DeSantis of a – quote – 'all-out attack' on black Americans, the NAACP is issuing a travel advisory for Florida," O'Brien said. "Joining other civil rights groups that have warned against traveling to the top tourist destination, the NAACP is now accusing the state of Florida of being 'openly hostile toward African Americans, people of color, and LGBTQ+ individuals.'"

Nicholas Fondacaro, associate editor for NewsBusters, calls it "ridiculous."

"They're treating it like it's this wholly serious thing, almost as if the State Department has put in a travel advisory for a foreign country saying this place is dangerous; do not travel there," he observes.

NBC's coverage has been similar, while CNN and MSNBC had "a field day" with the information.

Meanwhile, according to OpenSecrets.org, the NAACP has given almost exclusively to Democrats for at least the past seven years. So Fondacaro says the mainstream news outlets are "basically taking talking points for a wholly partisan organization and treating it like it's some sort of official declaration."