Aspiring journalists advised: Don't kowtow to gender gaslighting

Aspiring journalists advised: Don't kowtow to gender gaslighting

Aspiring journalists advised: Don't kowtow to gender gaslighting

A Christian journalist is offering a bit of advice to fellow believers looking to get a start in a gender-affirming news world.

During an interview this week on American Family Radio, Brandon Showalter of The Christian Post said if journalists do not want to be forced to lie, the best way to go about it is to refuse any job offers from a mainstream network. Why? According to Showalter: because they are "ruthlessly committed to this insanity."

"These are very sobering times – and I don't think people realize the extent to which public trust has been undermined due to the capture of media organizations," he explained, "and the fact that people are willing to go along with believing lies about something so basic [as gender]."

Showalter, Brandon (The Christian Post) Showalter

He continued: "… If people are willing to lie about biology, they're certainly going to be able to lie about more complex scientific fields like epidemiology and immunology. If they can undermine your trust in something that is as foundational and immutable as biological sex – well, what aren't they lying to you about?"

The journalist suggested another alternative would be for an individual to start their own Substack or work for a publication that doesn't require them to lie about the material reality of sex.

"For me that is just a deal breaker … I won't lie," Showalter shared. "These are very hard times and I'm just very thankful to be a journalist with The Christian Post [which] refuses to kowtow to all this madness.

"You'd be surprised that a lot of non-Christians and atheists are now reading The Christian Post because they can't stand the gender gaslighting in the mainstream press."

In 2022, The Christian Post's Twitter account was suspended for nine months after a tweet calling Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary Richard Levine a man. Levine claims to be a woman and wants to be referred to as "Rachel." Through it all, The Christian Post never backed down.

Twitter, now under the ownership of Elon Musk, restored the account in recent days.