Sticklers for truth return to Twitter

Sticklers for truth return to Twitter

Sticklers for truth return to Twitter

The Christian Post is back on a major social media platform after having been punished for nearly a year.

In short, the Christian newspaper's account was frozen because it referred to Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services Richard Levine as a man. The problem is Levine says he identifies as a woman and wants to be called Rachel.

The Christian Post refused to go along with the lie and said as much after USA Today named Levine "Woman of the Year."

"Twitter froze our account under its hateful conduct policy [because] we refused to retract the truth that this male politician is indeed a man," The Christian Post's Brandon Showalter recently told American Family Radio's "Today's Issues" program. "Right at the end of 2022, thanks to those who went to bat for us and to Elon Musk, our account was reinstated."

Showalter went on to say that journalists should not lie, and the truth is a man who claims to be a woman is still a man.

Showalter, Brandon (The Christian Post) Showalter

As for Twitter, many people have abandoned the social media site over the years because of how it was treating certain people and organizations. Others have avoided it like the plague, even to the point of calling Twitter a "sewer." Either way, Showalter says social media shapes journalism and public discourse.

"It's a vital source for especially journalists like me to get tips and to communicate with the public," he told AFR, asserting that "language shapes thought."

Showalter says The Christian Post is a stickler for language, and in this case, their language matched the basic scientific truth that Levine is a man.

"And beyond the scientific truth of it, we're going to ride or die with Genesis 1:27 here at The Christian Post: We're made male and female in God's image, and from that we will not budge," the journalist declared.