Movie producer: Show Hollywood 'wokeness' is tasteless theme

Movie producer: Show Hollywood 'wokeness' is tasteless theme

Movie producer: Show Hollywood 'wokeness' is tasteless theme

A new film in theaters today tells the true story of a former racist firefighter-turned-pastor who started one of the first integrated churches in the South.

Nick Logan is the producer of "Paul's Promise" (see trailer below). Logan explained on American Family Radio Thursday (October 20) that this is a film that God has been instrumental in bringing to the public. "With all the issues that are going on today with race relations, this shows a true, gritty story [as well as] God's redemptive love in these men's lives," Logan shared.

The producer said the best part about the film is that it presents the opportunity for people to see what God did in the life of Paul Holderfield – a pastor who started a church in Little Rock, Arkansas – and the story behind that.


Logan asked for prayer – and, of course, for people to go to the theater this weekend in order to send a message to the film industry.

Logan, Nick (Paul's Promise movie) Logan

"Hollywood will make and agree and support films based on box office – so, the opening night is essential for our film," he explained. "This film is an important one. Hollywood needs to hear that we've had it with the woke films; we've had it with trying to be convinced … that a man with a five o'clock shadow is actually a woman because he wants to wear a dress – and that's what they're shoving down our throats."

As scripture instructs, he continued, "we need to take every thought captive – and to do that we need to look at what's going in and being fed into our mind. This film does that. It just takes people saying, You know what? I'm going to support these films, and I'd like to see more of them."

Those appearing in "Paul's Promise" include Shari Rigby ("October Baby," "Overcomer") and Dean Cain ("Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," "God's Not Dead," "Break Every Chain").