Right before midterms, Times says Biden is embellisher-in-chief

Right before midterms, Times says Biden is embellisher-in-chief

Right before midterms, Times says Biden is embellisher-in-chief

The New York Times suddenly noticed this week that Joe Biden lies a lot – or “embellishes narratives” in liberal newsroom speak – to which a media watchdog suspects Joe Biden is being set up for a disappearing act at the White House.

During a tour of hurricane-battered Florida, where Ian came ashore with 150 mph winds, Biden attempted to sympathize with shell-shocked storm victims by recalling….a kitchen fire.

“I know from experience how much anxiety and concern there are in the people,” Biden told a gathering of hurricane victims. “We didn't lose our whole home, but lightning struck and we lost an awful lot of it.”

In reality, however, that fire in 2004 damaged the home’s kitchen and was extinguished in 20 minutes without any injuries, The Associated Press reported at the time.

Just days after that trip to Florida, Biden mentioned the house fire again when speaking to an annual meeting of firefighters, where he said “everything was ruined” from the basement to the kitchen. And that wasn’t all he claimed to the crowd of life-risking firefighters.  

“And the kitchen floor — we almost lost a couple firefighters, they tell me,” Biden told the firefighters summit, “because the kitchen floor was — the burning between the beams and in the house in addition to, it almost collapsed into the basement.”

If any Cranston Heights firefighters nearly lost their lives that day protecting the home of a U.S. senator, Fire Company Chief George Lamborn failed to tell the AP at the time.

Times says Biden 'spins yarns'

Quite literally 50 years after Biden was first elected to the United States Senate, it appears The New York Times has finally caught on: “Biden, Storyteller in Chief, Spins Yarns That Often Unravel,” reads the Times headline published this week. The fact-checking article also mentioned Biden’s recent ode to the “Puerto Rican community,” which follows a pattern of Biden attempting to connect with a black audiences, a Hispanic audience, and a Jewish audience with cringeworthy claims and stereotypical recollections.

For this week's belated story on Biden’s history of lying, Times reporter Linda Qui also went back to the 1980s. Back in 1987, then-presidential candidate Biden claimed he had a “full academic” scholarship to law school, and he had obtained three undergraduate degrees, only to admit none of those claims – not one – were true.

Tim Graham of the Media Research Center says the Times story went back and documented decades of blatant lying by Biden only to never use the L-word in the story.

Graham, Tim (MRC) Graham

“Under Trump,” Graham recalls, “the liberals were very insistent that they needed to use the word liar.”

Looking back at the Times’ fact-checking articles, Graham and MRC noticed reporter Linda Qui hasn’t written an article slamming Biden since Augusts of 2021, now 14 months ago.

So why now? Graham joins the list of many suspecting Biden’s days in the White House are numbered after the midterm elections, when Democrats are expected to be walloped by angry voters and Republicans are expected to win back the U.S. House. The U.S. Senate could narrowly flip to the GOP, too, if a key race or two go to Republican candidates. 

That blame is likely to fall on Biden, whose "disapproval" polling has floated above 50% for 13 straight months. 

“I think we could guess,” Graham predicts, “that this is a way that The New York Times is suggesting we don't want Biden to run again.”