Big Tech sides with abortion, bans truth

Big Tech sides with abortion, bans truth

Big Tech sides with abortion, bans truth

A pro-life advocacy organization is at odds with a popular social media site for simply telling the truth about life and abortion.

With no explanation, TikTok recently shut down the account of Live Action founder Lila Rose. The pro-life organization, which "exists today to shift public opinion on the killing of preborn children and defend the rights of these most vulnerable among us," has made repeated attempts to resolve the problem but has yet to receive a human response.

Spokesman Noah Brandt reports that the social media platform has also banned Live Action's ads.

"Since they're the internet platforms that rely on user generated content, it's extremely tough," he tells AFN. "I think there might need to be public policy action taken."

Brandt acknowledges that Live Action, the only pro-life organization with a large following on the platform, has certainly utilized TikTok to expose the abortion industry's lies and to present the truth about the life issue.

Brandt, Noah (Live Action) Brandt

"We're just telling basic truths about what preborn life looks like, how preborn Americans deserve the right to be born and live, how mothers are strong enough to be able to lead happy, successful lives and raise children," he says.

Live Action recognizes that TikTok, which is the fastest-growing social media network in the country, is where many people, including children, get their news. But while the pro-life organization has been banned from the platform, Planned Parenthood's ads directed to young people are not censored in any fashion.

Brandt says it is time for the public to make moves to ensure that internet platforms like TikTok are operating fairly.