Wikipedia's left-wing ties are showing

Wikipedia's left-wing ties are showing

Wikipedia's left-wing ties are showing

A media watchdog says the Biden administration is now getting help from a popular online resource as it attempts to convince the American public that the decades-old definition of "recession" is wrong.

American Family News recently reported that according to the White House and the mainstream media, the recession was over before it began. Joseph Vazquez, assistant editor for Business & Free Speech America at the Media Research Center (MRC), reports that as of July 29th, Wikipedia joined in on the effort as well.

"This is its quote from July 28th: Two consecutive quarters of decline in a country's GDP is commonly used as a practical definition of a recession," he notes.

But following a flurry of edits, it briefly read, "There is no consensus definition of a recession."

The phrase "Although the definition of a recession varies between different countries and scholars" now prefaces the definition.

Vazquez, Joseph (MRC) Vazquez

"Once this became a thing, Wikipedia ended up locking down its page so that no one who has a different opinion, if you're another editor on Wikipedia who has a different opinion, will be able to access it," Vazquez reports.

He adds that the online encyclopedia has some strong left-wing ties.

"We did have a sense of where Wikipedia lies on the political spectrum, and guess what? It's left," the watchdog relays. "One of the things that we uncovered was that Wikipedia happens to be funded by guess who -- George Soros."

Vazquez goes on to reference George Orwell's novel, 1984, particularly the line that reads, "The Revolution will be complete when the language is perfect."

"So, the fact that they're trying to redefine the meaning of a recession to just fit an agenda and a narrative -- that is exactly what Orwell had warned about," Vazquez concludes.

Before these Wikipedia actions, MRC posted this video montage entitled: "Watch the Media Accidentally Destroy Biden Admin’s Desperate Attempt To Redefine a Recession."