Media belatedly discovers pregnancy centers, ignores plumes of smoke

Media belatedly discovers pregnancy centers, ignores plumes of smoke

Media belatedly discovers pregnancy centers, ignores plumes of smoke

The nation’s abortion-supporting newsrooms are distraught over Roe v Wade being overturned and a target of their outrage is the lowly pro-life pregnancy center down the street.

“There are more crisis pregnancy centers nationwide than abortion clinics,” Lester Holt, the NBC News news anchor, unhappily reported in an investigative story the Media Research Center called a sloppy and unfair hit piece.

That news segment comes after dozens of pregnancy centers have been hit by bomb throwers and vandals after a draft opinion overturning Roe was leaked to news website Politico in early May. Since that leak, numerous pregnancy centers, and even churches, have been firebombed and vandalized by abortion supporters with no arrests made to date.

AFN has reported how law enforcement in blue cities has been slow to investigate what are literally terrorist attacks. And the media isn’t helping either. In an Associated Press story warning about potential attacks on abortion clinics, you have to read 14 paragraphs into the story before the famous wire service mentions the very-real attacks on pregnancy centers.

The AP story even downplays the violence, citing an FBI memo about “rare” attacks from 2020, even though the attacks literally began just weeks ago. Not one example of violence directed at a pregnancy center or at church property is mentioned in the story, even though there are now more than 50 examples to choose from across the country.

On the news networks, MRC reported this week that ABC, NBC, and CBS reported on "mostly peaceful" protests by abortion supporters after Roe was overturned. All totaled, the three news giants spent 120 seconds reporting on violence against pro-lifers despite the huge number of attacks and vandalism.  

Houck, Curtis (MRC) Houck

Back in the NBC News story, correspondent Cynthia McFadden claimed she investigated Texas-based pregnancy centers where clinic staff did not disclose that they oppose abortion. There was no audio recordings of those discussions, MRC pointed out, so the audience must assume that McFadden’s version of those discussions is fair and accurate.

In the same news story, NBC News trotted out a female state lawmaker, who is identified as a former Republican. Her role was to bolster the hit piece by criticizing the pregnancy centers.

“This is a program to help Republicans feel good,” Sarah Davis complained, “like they’re doing something good for women.”

“It tells you all you need to know,” says MRC spokesman Curtis Houck, “about how disingenuous and in bad faith that piece was.”