FBI might drag along media to belatedly recognize real terrorism

FBI might drag along media to belatedly recognize real terrorism

FBI might drag along media to belatedly recognize real terrorism

Like a tree falling in the woods, Democrats and the national media have ignored the non-stop attacks on churches and pregnancy centers by crazed abortion supporters but it might be harder to do so now that the FBI has belatedly announced it is investigating the attacks.

The latest incident occurred June 14 at Minneapolis-based Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, where windows were broken and “Abortion is Liberation” was spray-painted on the front doors, LifeNews, the pro-life news website, reported.

A spokesman for MCCL said the overnight attack was the second after someone sprayed graffiti on the building May 9.

LifeNews has now documented nearly 60 incidents of fire bombings and vandalism since a leaked 5-4 draft opinion overturning Roe v Wade appeared in Politico. That story published May 3, now six weeks ago, and last week a gunman was arrested just two streets from the home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. In a close call that was crazily ignored by much of the media, the man told police he intended to break in and kill the justice. 

Asked about the lack of media interest, Curtis Houck of the Media Research Center says this is nothing new for right-leaning activists who know their views are not welcomed by the left-leaning media.

“This has been an ongoing issue, where the media have really shown their indifference to acts of political violence when it comes to one side of the aisle,” he says. “It's a huge, glaring double standard.”

The attacks are becoming harder and harder to ignore, however, especially after a shadowy group called “Jane’s Revenge” has vowed to increase its attacks after already claiming credit for several in previous weeks.

In a twisted version of a cease-and-desist demand, the group said any “anti-choice” group that closes its doors will no longer be a target but it is “open season” on those who remain open.

“And we know,” the group wrote, “where your operations are.”

According to Fox News, in a story published today, the FBI announced it is “investigating a series of attacks and threats targeting pregnancy resource centers and faith-based organizations across the country.”

Fox News cited a statement that appeared to be sent to the cable news outlet. In a similar story, The Washington Examiner followed the Fox story and confirmed with the bureau an “inquiry” is underway.

The story by the Examiner said more than 100 members of Congress --- all Republicans --- signed their names to a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland (pictured above) asking him to investigate the incidents as acts of domestic terrorism.

Garland also oversees the same DOJ that has refused to end the protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices even though federal law prohibits those demonstrations. 

According to many on the Left, however, the loosely-defined term “domestic terrorism” is solely owned and overseen by the Right. Everything from the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, an unruly school board crowd,  a Ben Shapiro college speech, and a red MAGA hat can all fall under that category.   

As recently as February, the Dept. of Homeland Security released a “National Terrorism” bulletin that flagged “misinformation” about COVID-19 and election fraud as topics of concern. That same bulletin said churches and synagogues, and historically black colleges, are terrorist targets.

This week, in her Capitol Hill press conference, abortion-supporting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked – finally – to respond to Republicans who are accusing Democrats of contributing to the attacks by failing to condemn them.

Houck, Curtis (MRC) Houck

“Well, let me just say this: A woman has a right to choose,” Pelosi, who did not condemn the acts of violence in her one-minute response, unhappily replied.

Back in May, at a press conference, Pelosi angrily demanded that Republicans denounce the "great replacement" theory of the racist Buffalo gunman who shot 13 people, 11 of them black, at a grocery. 

The gunman had cited that anti-Semitic belief in his writings that were recovered by authorities. Democrats cleverly twisted his hatred of Jews to accuse their hated enemies, Fox News and Republicans, of expressing the same dangerous beliefs about illegal immigration.

"Why isn’t everyone in this Congress saying ‘I reject replacement theory?'" Pelosi angrily asked.